Advertising tips & Tricks

Advertising tips and tricks! Creative, engaging social media ads shouldn’t require expensive equipment, subscriptions, or extensive time to create. There are some key aspects to keep in mind while creating your own social media ads, and I plan on researching and sharing those tips with you all. Basically, I want my clients to have all the information, laid out in…

We had a Black Friday Sale… and some covers are left.

Pre-made covers, available at Black Friday prices!!! Are you ready to claim over 70% off pre-made book covers? If you are, click on the links below to see our pre-made cover store, and pick up a bargain!

What do you get with a DAZED Patreon Subscription?

Do you have the need for fresh advertisements with no time to make them between writing, promotion, and life commitments? Want exclusive previews of Pre-made book covers? Do you love saving money on premium book cover art, formatting, and cinematic book trailers? No matter what your need, DAZED Designs Patreon has you covered! DAZED Designs has 6 Tiers to choose…

DAZED is now on Patreon!

Are you a busy author who needs regular advertisements to promote your books? Do you detest paying for subscription after subscription, yet having no time to make your own ads? Join my Patreon for access to countless advertisement graphics, custom advertisement packs, exclusive previews, cinematic trailers, custom book covers, formatting, and more…

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