Do I have to pay a deposit before booking with you?

Yes, all bookings require a 30% deposit before any appointments will be booked.

I would like to order an ebook now, but can I order a wrap or another add-on later?

Yes! All you have to do is pay the required fee, and we can complete any of the listed add-ons as required.

How long will it take to complete my cover?

Most covers are completed in one day. Changes and multiple book series may take longer. The duration will be discussed before our appointment date or at the time of creation, depending on the reason for the extension.

How much notice do you need to complete the additional extras like wraps, formatting and Audiobook covers?

Usually, 24 hours. However, over the weekend or public holidays, I may require up to 72 hours.

Do I have to supply my own images?

No! In most cases, I will download all stock content and font. If you want a specific image, however, it must not be copyrighted. All images must have model release forms and be covered with a creative commons license. I won’t use free images from free stock sites. Proof of ownership must be supplied by email to contact@dazed-designs.com.

What stock sites do you use?

This changes over time; however, I almost always use the following stock suppliers. In order of frequency; Shutterstock, Deposit Photos, NeoStock. Yay Images, Envato Elements, Creative Market, Creative Fabrica, & occasionally iStock, Adobe Stock, & Period Images. A full list of licensing terms may be found in my Design Process.

Can I move my appointment to an alternative date?

Absolutely! As long as I have an alternative appointment time that suits your needs, I am more than happy to change the appointment date. I require a minimum of 5 days notice for a change of appointment.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, in some cases, a payment plan is perfectly fine. As long as you understand that no work will be sent to you before the payments are completed, we can organize payment plans. You should know that regular monthly payments are required, and if a payment is missed, the payment plan is void and the total amount is payable within seven days.

Who owns the intellectual copyright to my book cover?

All art, whether completed or not, remains the property of DAZED Designs. This includes the layout and concept.

Do you use AI Art in your covers?

No, not knowingly. Unfortunately, some AI art has snuck into credible stock sites by dishonest creators. It is fairly easy to recognize AI art now, but this may not always be the case. I will never knowingly use AI art as I do not believe it is ethical.

I have a series I can no longer have completed by the original artist. Are you able to complete new books in this series?

Sure. I won’t copy another creator’s work, but I will attempt to complete the series to match as close as possible. I will also request you get permission from the original artist, if possible. This is just good manners.

Can I get you to copy a design I’ve seen elsewhere?

No. I won’t copy another creator’s work.

When do you send me the design brief?

After we have made initial contact and before the invoice is sent.

Do I need to complete the design brief before you complete my order?

Yes. The design brief is imperative. I won’t be able to complete any order without the design brief being completed. It saves us both time and effort and makes our expectations clear and concise,

Can I get a list of the stock you’ve used on my cover?

Yes, absolutely. Just ask, and I can send you a list of codes and links to all stock utilized in your covers.

Are you willing to record your process and send it to me?

Sometimes. The only intellectual creative license we, as designers, have is our process. As such, if you wish to see my process, I am happy to record it and provide you with a time lapse video. However, this video is for your viewing only. If I so choose, I will upload the video to social media, but you may not.

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