Do you need a professional and attractive layout option for your manuscript?

DAZED designs create stunning manuscript formatting specifically suited to each story. Providing professional interior book formatting both with and without graphics, making our interior design suitable for fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. DAZED Designs cover art & illustration works one on one with each author to create unique and professional results. 

DAZED designs not only creates beautiful book cover art & illustration but provides professional and artistic interior book formatting for all genres. Once again, DAZED designs have packages to suit all needs and budgets. All prices are in US dollars. All content copyright 2023 DAZED Designs

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Interior Book Formatting Package 1 Professional Formatting Advertising Graphic
Package 1 Professional Formatting

Pack 1

Professional ePub &
PDF files


Simple, Professional High-Quality interior book formatting.

KDP, Apple, & Kobo-ready print files supplied.

Total of 2 revisions.

Captioned Photos may be added.

Best for reference and simple fiction.

Interior Book Formatting Package 2 Premium Formatting Advertising Graphic
Package 2 Premium Formatting

Pack 2

Premium ePub &
PDF files


Beautiful & Unique High-Quality interior book formatting

Includes everything from Pack 1


Up to 3 Chapter Art PNG’s

Total of 3 revisions

Best for most fiction books

Interior Book Formatting Package 3 Elite Formatting Advertising Graphic
Package 3 Elite Formatting

Pack 3

Elite ePub & PDF


Stunningly Artistic, High-Quality interior book formatting

Includes everything Pack 1 & 2


One^ Graphic Chapter JPG

Total of 5 revisions

Best for all books that need
a little something extra


*Extra Chapter art is charged per design, starting at $10 per image. ^ Extra Graphic Chapter Backgrounds are charged per design, starting at $50 per image

Pack 1

Professional Formatting

Pack 2

Premium Formatting

Pack 3

Elite Formatting

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