Privacy Policy

DAZED Designs is committed to protecting our customers’ privacy. Please take the time to review this notice which explains what information we collect about you, how we use it and your rights. Natasha Lee Williams trading as DAZED Designs, ABN: 15 935 490 897 (“DAZED Designs”, “we”, or “us”) is the data controller of the personal data collected via or in connection with:

  1. The provision of services offered by DAZED Designs as an independent contractor carrying out digital design services for books authored by clients;
  1. The provision of services offered by DAZED Designs as an independent contractor carrying out digital marketing services, particularly in relation to books authored by clients;
  1. The provision of services offered by DAZED Designs as an independent contractor carrying out digital design services for commission;
  1. The provision of services offered by DAZED Designs as an independent contractor carrying out editing services for books authored by clients;
  1. The use of the website owned and operated by DAZED Designs at (“the Site”).

We have adopted the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“the Privacy Act”). The APPs govern how we collect, use, disclose, store, secure, and dispose of your Personal Information.

A copy of the APPs may be obtained from the website of The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at

1. What Types of Personal Data Do We Collect About You?

We advise that we collect personal data from you when you provide it directly to us when you engage us to provide services, including when you use the Site. This personal information and data may include the following: 

  1. The personal information you provide to us in the circumstances set out in paragraph 2 below, including:
    1. Your name;
    2. Your contact details;
    3. Product reviews;
    4. Any other information you add to your account profile on the Site; and
    5. Any other information you provide to us.
  2. Your transaction and billing information provided to us in the circumstances set out in paragraph 2 below, including:
    1. Your Paypal, credit/debit card details; and
    2. Your delivery information.
  3. Records of your interactions with us in the circumstances set out in paragraph 2 below, including if you interact with us on social media.
  4. Information is also collected automatically through the use of cookies and other tracking technologies on the Site, which could include the following:
    1. Websites previously accessed by you;
    2. When you click on a link in our email updates; and
    3. Information about the device used to access the Site.
2. When and How We Collect Your Personal Information?
The information you provide to us can be obtained in several situations, including the following:
  1. If you use promotional codes or enter a Site competition;
  2. If you engage in our online surveys and/or questionnaires regarding your satisfaction with our products and/or services;
  3. Credit/debit card details used for purchasing products and/or services from us;
  4. Contacting us directly with an enquiry or to seek information from us, which may be done in person, by telephone conversation, by written correspondence in any form, or through the use of the Site;
  5. Registering an account with the Site or leaving a review/comment;
  6. Forwarding a purchase onto another person;
  7. By communicating or contacting us on social media applications/websites, third party websites, or other similar platforms.

In a situation where your personal information is sought by us, we will indicate whether the information request is required or optional. If you do not wish to provide information that we consider to be required, we will explain why it is necessary that this information be provided to us.

Please note that there may be circumstances in which refusal to provide personal information could mean we will be unable to provide you with our products and/or services, such as if you refused to provide your credit/debit card details for a purchase or if you refused to provide an address to which we could delivery products and/or services.

We also obtain some information automatically, which is obtained in several different situations. When you browse or use the Site (including third-party websites that are partnered), cookies and other similar technologies to collect information automatically from one or more of your devices will be used.

This personal information collected can include analysing or predicting certain things such as your personal preferences or interests.

Your personal IP addresses are obtained from all users as this information is automatically reported by your browser when you view the Site.

Apart from the above, we also obtain some information from partners and use the services of various third parties to collect personal data about you from other sources. We only obtain this information in circumstances in which you have provided your consent or legal authority to do so, which can include the following sources:  

  1. Personal information and data from an organisation with permission to share your information with us;
  2. Information we receive when someone refers you to our products and/or services;
  3. Public information; and
  4. The information which we may require from other parties to fulfil our legal obligations.

We may obtain third party data from the following sources:

  1. Third party social media platforms; and
  2. Other third party websites with which we are partnered.
3. Cookies and Other Information Collection Technologies

This section explains what we mean when we use the term “cookies” and gives examples of the specific cookies we use on the Site. Further, we set out the use of cookies and provide information on cookie choices for you and other users of our Site.

Simply put, “cookies” are technologies such as scripts, pixel e-tags, web beacons, and other similar technologies which locate data automatically when a person accesses websites or apps.

We use these technologies to gather and store information in regards to the visitors of the Site. A cookie is a text-only string of information in which a website transfers to your cookie folder in your specific browser of your hard disk of your computer, tablet, or mobile device. The information contained in a cookie usually includes the domain from which the cookie has come from, the lifetime of the cookie, and a value. It also usually includes a randomly-generated unique number.

Cookies can be divided into two main groups, referred to as session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are temporary and are available for that specific “session” in which you are on the Site. When you leave the Site, your choices, preferences and information which you provide will be deleted once you close the Site.

Persistent cookies, as the name suggest, remain when you leave the Site and the information is contained in your browser’s subfolder. This information will remain until deleted manually, through an application or expire due to the lifetime of the specific cookie.

Apart from categorising cookies based on their lifespan, cookies can also be divided between first party cookies and third party cookies. First party cookies are served directly by us to your device when you visit the Site. Third party cookies are served by a third party on our behalf when you visit the Site and other third party websites with which we are partnered.

We use different cookies for different purposes on the Site. These purposes and cookies include the following:

  1. Necessary Cookies – These cookies enable you to use the Site to access secure areas, including your cart. These cookies provide your details for purchasing our products and/or services. Without using these necessary cookies, you as our valued customer would not be adequately protected and the Site would not be able to function effectively.
  2. Analytical Cookies – As the name suggests, these cookies collect information about how our visitors use the Site. The information obtained does not specifically include information that directly identifies an individual who visits the Site. The purpose of these cookies is to ensure the Site’s efficiency, its user-friendly operation, and to further understand what is most appealing to our customers and visitors to the Site.We also use third party analytical software such as Google Analytics which uses cookies to collect internet log information. No individual is directly identifiable based on this information. The information regarding the use of the Site, as well as your IP address, is sent to Google and is used to evaluate visitors’ use of the Site.This information is then compiled and implemented in statistical reports to determine website activity including, demographics, interests, and countries of origin of the people who access the Site.
  3. Functionality Cookies – These cookies allow the Site to maintain choices that you have made while using the Site. These cookies are often referred to as preference cookies because they include information you have entered so that you do not need to re-enter your details again. Such choices include your user name, language or region in which you are located, as well as text sizes, fonts and other customisations which you can make on the Site. The information which these cookies collect cannot track your browsing activity on the Site.
  4. Advertising Cookies – The purpose of these cookies is to provide you with relevant content based on your interests. What content is relevant is based on your previous browsing on the web and the keywords we may be able to gather from the URLs of webpages previously accessed.This also includes your IP address and any search engine used to reach the Site. Further, these cookies may be used to deliver online interest-based advertising to you. This advertising can be either within the Site, when you visit third party websites (including third party social media platforms), or limit the number of times you see an advertisement. We advise that these cookies will stay on your computer as a persistent cookie unless you decide to delete them and they remember that you have visited a particular website.These cookies can also include third party cookies set by Google and Facebook, whom we use for online interest-based advertising. You can read the specific privacy policies available on these companies’ websites. We may also use certain service providers to set cookies on our behalf via third party partner websites. These cookies enable us to analyse visits to sections of the Site. We can collect certain information regarding purchases of our products. The types of information collected by such cookies may include: which could include the following.
    1. What product pages have been viewed;
    2. Shopping cart information;
    3. Whether a purchase of our product was made or not; and
    4. What products of ours have been searched for.

We may also use social sharing plugins and cookies. These work by linking you with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and allow interaction between your activity on social media sites and on the Site (at your direction).

Such situations include when you use your Facebook username and password to log in to the Site and use the Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons on the Site. Social Sharing cookies are used to remember that you are logged in to the Site. 

If you visit a page that we maintain on a social media site such as Facebook, it is likely that cookies will also be set on your device. The social media network sets these cookies. To change the cookies that you receive on these sites and potentially on our page, you will need to change your settings with your specific social media provider website.

Depending on the web browser you are using, you can either accept or decline cookies in the settings of your specific browser. You should consult with your browser instructions to learn more about the function and operation of your browser in managing cookies.

Should you wish to obtain further information regarding cookies, we recommend you check our Alternatively, if you have questions directly related to our use of cookies, do not hesitate to get in touch with the contact details below under “contact us”.

4. What do we use this personal data for?

The use of your retained personal data depends on several factors such as: 

  1. How you use the Site;
  2. To record your interactions with us; and
  3. The permission you give us.

The purpose of holding your data is for the following:

  1. To maintain your online account with our Site;
  2. To fulfil your orders;
  3. To manage, maintain and respond to your queries or complaints raised by you to our customer service team;
  4. To personalise our Site for you as an individual and show you content we think you will be of most interest to you based on:
    1. Your account information;
    2. Your purchase history; and
    3. Your browsing activity.
  5. To maintain, improve and manage the Site;
  6. To monitor its usage by you and other users;
  7. For market research purposes and contacting you for feedback on our products and/or services;
  8. To send you marketing messages including targeted advertising regarding products we intend to release in circumstances in which you have consented to receive these messages, or we are otherwise permitted to do so;
  9. For security purposes and the investigation of potentially fraudulent activity for both our protection and that of third parties;
  10. To ensure compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations.
5. Legal Basis for Processing Your Personal Information

We will only process your personal information where we have a legal basis to do so. The legal basis will depend on the purpose of collecting and using your personal information and data. In the majority of cases, the legal basis will include one of the following: following:

  1. Consent:
    1. Circumstances in which you have provided your consent to receive marketing from us. We note that you can withdraw your consent at any point in time, including unsubscribing from marketing emails we send you.
  2. Legitimate business interests:
    1. It is our legitimate interest as a provider to maintain and understand our customers, promote our services, and operate effectively in a legitimate way that does not unduly affect your rights and privacy. We are always seeking to further understand our customers in order to offer the best products, customer experiences, create new products and improve the profile of our brand.
  3. Performance of our obligations under a contract with you
    1. Where it is necessary to perform a contract with you or take steps prior to entering into a contract with you. Examples include where you have made a purchase with us, and we use your personal data to process the payment and fulfil your order.
  4. Compliance with law:
    1. In situations in which we are subject to a legal obligation, we need to use your personal information to satisfy that obligation.
6. Marketing

We want to ensure our customers are happy with our products, and so, depending on your marketing preferences, we may use your personal data to send you marketing messages by email, phone or post. Some of these messages may be tailored to you based on your previous browsing or purchase activity and other information we hold about you.

In circumstances in which you no longer want to receive marketing communications from us, you can change your preferences at any time by contacting us. If you unsubscribe from marketing, please note we may still contact you with service messages from time to time including, order and delivery confirmations and information about your legal rights.

You may also see advertisements for the Site on third party websites, including on social media. These advertisements may be tailored to you using cookies that track your web activity, enabling us to serve advertisements to customers who have previously visited the Site.

Where you see an advertisement on social media, this may be because we have engaged the social network to show ads to our customers or users who match the demographic profile of our customers.

In some cases, this may involve sharing your email address with the social network. If you no longer want to see tailored advertisements, you can change your cookie and privacy settings on your browser and these third party websites.

7. Who We Share This Personal Data With?

We share customers’ personal data with third parties in the following circumstances:

  1. With our suppliers and service providers working for us, examples include our payment processors and delivery companies; 
  2. With our professional and legal advisors;
  3. With third parties engaged in fraud prevention and detection;
  4. With law enforcement or other governmental authorities, to report a fraud or in response to a lawful request.

In the event that we sell any business assets, our customers’ personal data may be disclosed to a potential buyer. In this event, we will make reasonable attempts to ensure the terms of this Privacy Policy will bind the buyer.

8. Security

The Site ensures that data is encrypted when leaving the Site. This process involves the converting of information or data into a code to prevent unauthorised access. The Site follows this process and employs secure methods to ensure the protection of all credit and debit card transactions. Encryption methods such as SSL are utilised to protect customer data when in transit to and from the Site over a secure communications channel.

Whilst we do everything within our power to ensure that personal data is protected at all times from the Site, we cannot guarantee the security and integrity of the information that has been transmitted to the Site.

9. Children

The Site is not intended for, and should not be used by, children under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect personal data from children under the age of 18.

10. Our Site, Apps, and Public Forums

We advise that information which you may post on publicly viewable areas of the Site or on social media platforms is generally accessible to and could potentially be used by others.

Regarding this, you should not provide any personal information about yourself to the public, including interactive areas, including the Site or other social media pages.

11. Your Rights

As noted, we have adopted the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act. The APPs govern how we collect, use, disclose, store, secure, and dispose of your Personal Information.

A copy of the APPs may be obtained from the website of The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at

The law of the State of Queensland and the Commonwealth of Australia governs this Privacy Policy.

You have the following rights in relation to your personal information:

  1. You have certain rights regarding your personal data, including the right to access and correct your personal data and, in specific circumstances, to transfer your personal data to another entity in a commonly used format.
  2. You have the right to object to your personal data being used for certain purposes, including to send you marketing. See ‘Marketing’ above for more details on how to opt-out of marketing.
  3. You also have the right to request personal data be erased, for example:
    1. Where our purposes for processing your personal data have come to an end;
    2. Where you object to our processing of your personal data based on legitimate interests, and we have no overriding legitimate grounds to continue to process your personal data; and
    3. Where our processing was based on your consent which you have withdrawn.

We will comply with any requests to exercise your rights in accordance with the applicable law. However, please be aware that there are a number of limitations to these rights, and there may be circumstances where we cannot comply with your request.

To make any requests regarding your personal data, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding your personal data, you should contact us using the details below. You are also entitled to contact The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner in relation to your queries. 

12. How Long Will We Store Your Personal Information?

Your personal information will be retained for a period of time necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined under this Privacy Policy unless a longer period is applicable, required, or permitted by law. Once this point has passed, your data will be deleted.

For example, in circumstances in which you have purchased from us, we will retain your information on record for a necessary period for the purposes of invoicing, taxation, warrant, and quality assurance.

Further, we will also keep records of correspondence or communications with you in which a complainant has been made in some circumstances. As such, this will be held for as long as appropriate to protect us in the event of a legal claim.

In circumstances in which we have collected your personal information based on your consent, and we have no other lawful basis to continue retaining your information, if you subsequently withdraw your consent then we will delete the retained data.

However, this is subject to instances in which you have unsubscribed from our marketing communications. In this regard, we will only keep a record of your contact details with the intention to ensure we do not continue to send further marketing communication to you in the future.

We may, from time to time, use service providers based around the world. Consequently, your personal data may be processed in countries outside of Australia or your jurisdiction, including in countries where you may have fewer legal rights in respect of your data than you do under Australian law. If we transfer personal data outside of Australia, we will, as far as is possible, attempt to ensure that appropriate safeguards are adequately put into place to protect your privacy rights.

We will keep your personal data for as long as we need it for the purposes set out above and so this period will vary depending on your specific interaction with us.

13. Maintaining the Quality of your Personal Information

It is important to us that your Personal Information is up to date. We will take reasonable steps to make sure that your Personal Information is accurate, complete, and up to date. If you find that the information we have is not up to date or inaccurate, please advise us as soon as practicable to update our records and ensure we can continue to provide quality services and products to you.

14. How to Make a Complaint

You have a right to make a complaint to The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner if you believe we have proceeded your personal information in a manner that infringes your rights or is unlawful.

We suggest that such concerns be initially made to us using the contact information below if you wish to make a complaint.

15. Privacy Policy Update

This policy represents our policy as of 18 March 2022. We may change this policy from time to time.

16. Contact Us

We are committed to safeguarding your privacy. If you have any comments, queries, or complaints regarding our collection or use of personal information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This can be completed by clicking on the “contact” in the top right-hand side of the Site or you can send correspondence to Strategic Lawyers, PO Box 1709, Townsville QLD 4810.

A copy of this privacy policy can be emailed to you after an official request to

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