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Advertising tips and tricks!

Creative, engaging social media ads shouldn’t require expensive equipment, subscriptions, or extensive time to create. There are some key aspects to keep in mind while creating your own social media ads, and I plan on researching and sharing those tips with you all. Basically, I want my clients to have all the information, laid out in a really simple format, to use time and time again.

Why would I share this knowledge instead of using it to make more direct sales? Well, that’s simple. There are many reasons, but let’s go through my top 3.

1. My mission statement. When I started this business, my mission statement was “To bring high quality, affordable book cover art and bookish things to the indie industry. Uphold my business and myself personally with integrity and professionalism at all times.” This mission statement is still true nearly four years later. If I squandered this information for myself, I would be going against my business mission statement ;).

2. Desire to help. This industry is HARD to navigate. I just want to take some pressure off one aspect of this crazy world. If I can make my clients’ lives easier by giving you the tools to become a viral sensation, I’ll jump at the chance. If you succeed, I succeed. It makes me happy, and it looks fantastic on my portfolio. See, not completely altruistic.

3. ADHD fixation. I started researching the best way to generate organic clicks on Facebook posts while making my own take-over graphics for a group I was graciously invited to participate in the other week. I may have become obsessed. I kinda threw myself into the research a little too much. Sure, I did my client work to an excellent standard still, and everyone was happy, however, I may have stayed up until 3 am 5 nights in a row to research Facebook post effectiveness. Did I miss sleep? Yes, yes, I did. Did I still spend time with my kids and hubby? Yes, just not as much as I usually like to. Did I have to force myself to stop researching by using alarms on my phone? Yes, yes, I did…. am I crazy? Uh, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

A little backstory on me…

I have ADHD. A recent discovery (If you’re me! Apparently, every other man and his dog knew), and it makes a lot of sense.

I used to think becoming obsessed with an artwork for two days straight, not eating or sleeping, rarely going to the bathroom, and messing the place up, covered in paint and plaster, was typical, and what made the difference between artists and non-artlike folk. Apparently, it’s not typical. Not even a little.

For example, when I started this business I was not a digital artist. I knew nothing about photoshop, illustrator, Canva, Bookbrush, nothing… but a friend was being taken advantage of. Her books were being covered by artists who charged an arm and a leg while using barely adjusted stock, and she felt she had no choice. So, I got mad. I was annoyed by the dishonesty and unprofessionalism in the indie community. And while, of course, we all knew that not everyone was bad, and she had found a few decent, all be it expensive, artists, I still had a bee in my bonnet.

I’m good like that. You know, fixation… it’s a thing.

So, I started researching book cover art. I mean, I couldn’t even get a job at the local grocery store as a checkout chick because I’d been caring for my three children and studying for an art teaching degree for ten years. No one wanted to hire me. So I thought, why not make some extra cash selling book covers? Anyway, I digress…

Long story short, I taught myself photoshop and illustrator, using YouTube videos and written tutorials, in less than a week.

Apparently, it’s not neurotypical to you teach yourself two very different art programs like photoshop and illustrator, in 3 days. These things don’t happen unless you’re neurodivergent. Thus why, when I explained my job to my doctor, she asked how long I’d been aware of my ADHD… I blinked… I laughed like she was surely joking. And then cried. A lot. Worried about the quality of my work, my kids, my relationships, etc… But then, I made a choice. I decided to take it in my stride. I’ll get through this, I’ll take advantage of my superpowers, and I’ll make sure you guys reap the benefits too!

So, here we are. I make the pretties, try to make them as affordable as possible, and I like to help my clients succeed.

So what does this mean for you?

Take advantage of my fixation, I say. Let me share my knowledge and research and take full control of your marketing! Make your ads using my templates, or let me make them for you. Either way, let’s do this together!

I will post regular tips and tricks, eventually going through all social media platforms and Amazon advertising. We will start with Facebook and move on from there.

I hope these help you on your journey to making and taking advantage of quality advertisements to get you out there, get organic clicks, and make you become a viral sensation.

Love always,


I am a digital artist from Queensland, Australia who has a passion for book art. I specialize in book covers, photo manipulation, and illustrations. I also do branding, marketing, and cinematic trailers.

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