Pre-made update!

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Hey to all my beautiful Beauties. I always have a blast creating awesome DAZ3D renders ready for pre-made covers at the end of each month. This lady was used for my close-up painted witch cover – which has already sold.

I regularly post teasers before I release the finished products on my Patreon, so be sure to join there as a member to get the new scoops on pre-mades. I will be releasing pre-made art on Patreon, and then on Facebook. After that, pre-made covers that haven’t been purchased by early buyout will be released to the masses on my website. You can check out all my available pre-made covers here.

Happy writing, wonderful people. 

Squishy virtual hugs,

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I am a digital artist from Queensland, Australia who has a passion for book art. I specialize in book covers, photo manipulation, and illustrations. I also do branding, marketing, and cinematic trailers.

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