NEW Pre-made covers available now!

New pre-made covers are here! As Patreon members, you guys have first dibs on the covers. These beauties will be released into the chat tomorrow and the group afterward. Remember, if you can pay within 24 hours, you get 10% off the advertised price!

Some more premades :)

This sale, I will be selling a modern range of designs that cater specifically to the dark, suspenseful, and contemporary genres. Whether you’re looking for covers featuring captivating models or unique non-model concepts, I’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on grabbing these eye-catching book covers to make your manuscript stand out. Remember, I will release them HERE FIRST!

Some progress on pre-mades :)

Hi to all my DAZED beauties,
New pre-mades are coming! I can’t wait to unveil these new designs, exclusively here for you guys before they hit the main market. 
My focus this time is on dark, suspenseful, and contemporary genres, featuring both model and non-model covers. 
Whether you’re looking for a gripping romantic suspense or a captivating piece for your contemporary manuscript, I’ve got you covered. 
NOTE TO ALL PATRONS! Let me know your specific preferences, and I’ll do our best to create something extraordinary just for you. 
Remember, all book covers claimed and paid for prior to public release get a 10% early buyout discount. Stay tuned for the grand reveal coming soon!

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Pre-made cover preview January 2023

This Pre-made will be available from today for pre-purchase in my pre-mades chat for those of you able to pay immediately.

Pre-made cover January 2023

This Pre-made will be available from today for pre-purchase in my pre-mades chat for those of you able to pay immediately. If unclaimed, the covers will go live in my group

Having fun making DAZ Premades this week!

Hey to all my beautiful Patrons. I am having a blast creating some awesome DAZ3D renders ready for pre-made covers at the end of the month. This lady will be used for a close-up painted witch cover. 


Below is a sneak peek of this content! Are you ready to claim over 70% off pre-made book covers! If you are, click on the link below to join our premade facebook chat. All covers will be live for pre-purchase Friday 25th November AEST. … To view this content, you must be a member of Natasha’s Patreon at $1 or more

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