Paranormal & Fantasy Pre-made covers COMING SOON!

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Attention all my little DAZED beauties! Prepare to be dazzled by our exclusive collection of new pre-made covers available here before they hit the mainstream market.

This week, I am thrilled to unveil an array of captivating designs specially crafted for the fantasy and paranormal genres. From gripping paranormal suspense to enchanting fantasy masterpieces, we have curated a selection that will leave you spellbound.

And here’s the cherry on top: all book covers claimed and paid for before the official release date will receive a fantastic 10% early buyout discount. So don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your manuscript at an unbeatable price.

Stay tuned for the grand reveal of these breathtaking designs – coming soon! I will be releasing all completed covers on Friday, the 6th of October, 2023, AEST. Covers will be released here at approximately 9 a.m. AEST (6 p.m. EST, 5 p.m. CST, 7 p.m. WT, and 11 p.m. GMT). Be among the first to get your hands on these stunning pre-made covers that are bound to make your book stand out from the crowd.

Here is a sneak peek at our new upcoming covers.

As with all of my pre-made covers, each cover can be made into a series and can have additional extras added at the time of purchase or in the future; all fonts, titles, and basic color changes are included in the price.

This cover was sold and returned due to a change in the author’s writing direction. As such, it has been adjusted heavily from the original cover and is being re-sold now.

This exclusive trilogy will be available at a discounted price 🙂

I am hoping to have a few more by Friday, so stay tuned for another update in the coming hours.

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I am a digital artist from Queensland, Australia who has a passion for book art. I specialize in book covers, photo manipulation, and illustrations. I also do branding, marketing, and cinematic trailers.

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