September Tier 1 Rewards are LIVE

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As a valued supporter of DAZED on Patreon, you have an exclusive opportunity to directly engage with me, the cover designer, and become an integral part of my creative marketing journey. By maximizing your experience as a Patreon supporter, you will gain insights into important marketing techniques and have the chance to enhance your knowledge and skills.

One of the exciting benefits of being a DAZED Patreon supporter is receiving monthly rewards. As part of these rewards, you can expect fresh advertisement TEMPLATES that are designed to captivate and inspire. These advertisements and SWAG templates are carefully crafted to reflect the unique essence of DAZED and our vibrant community.

Furthermore, I want to emphasize that your requests are important to me. In October, particularly, I encourage you not to forget about sharing any specific design requests or ideas you may have. Your input allows me to tailor my work even further and ensures that your experience as a Patreon supporter is truly personalized.

This month, I have created several takeover games, even one tailored to Halloween celebrations next month. So, do those TOs and have FUN!

One thing I get asked for all the time is bookplates. As such, I have created a couple for you to use. Change them to suit your brand, or leave them as is 🙂

People underestimate the power of a quirky teaser on a simple round sticker. Change this Template to suit your book, and give them away at your next signing.

Everyone loves a complete series. Advertise all your complete series on a single graphic. Adjust as needed and make your books stand out!

You have a last-minute signing and haven’t paid for a branding kit yet? Make your own using my Banner Template. Change the image, add your monogram, and enter your book genre descriptions for the best effect. 

Happy Creating DAZED Beauties xoxo

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I am a digital artist from Queensland, Australia who has a passion for book art. I specialize in book covers, photo manipulation, and illustrations. I also do branding, marketing, and cinematic trailers.

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