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Are you an author looking to increase the exposure and sales of your book? Have you ever considered having a custom book trailer made?  

I believe that having a cinematic book trailer crafted for your book is one of the best ways to boost interest in your story and generate organic clicks and sales. Here, I discuss some of the benefits of having custom book trailers made and the kind of information they should contain.  

Book trailers are a great way to promote your book and increase sales. A book trailer gets your story out there and offers a glimpse into the world you’ve created. It can be used to promote your book on social media, on your website, and even in bookstores. A good book trailer should contain the following elements:

• Hooks and blurb exposure – A custom book trailer should contain a few lines of the book’s blurb, as well as catchy hooks that will grab viewers’ attention.  

• Visuals – A book trailer should contain visually appealing elements that will draw viewers in and make them want to learn more about the story.  

• Music – Music can be a powerful tool to evoke emotion in viewers. Having an appropriate soundtrack for your trailer can help create an atmosphere that will draw viewers in.  

You can have a custom book trailer made for your book that will get viewers interested and increase your exposure. I work one on one with each author to create a high-quality trailer that will showcase your book in the best possible light. Book trailers can help you to increase your exposure, generate interest in your story, and ultimately increase your book sales.

A Patreon membership with DAZED Designs can include having a custom cinematic trailer created for you and your book for a low monthly cost, making an expensive venture become more affordable.

So, if you’re an author looking to increase your book’s organic clicks and sales, join our Patreon today to learn more about our custom book trailer services. 

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