BABE 2023

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I was so blessed to be invited to BABE 2023 as Jade Thorn’s assistant.

Though the travel was super easy (thank you Jetstar for not cancelling my flight like you did others) travelling by myself with social anxiety was stressful and scary. So many times before the event, I had to talk myself out of cancelling and just staying at home, and if it werent for my promise to help Jade Thorn as her assistant, i totally would have found an excuse to pike. BUT… I am so happy I didnt let my fear get in the way.

I had an absolute blast meeting some of my beautiful clients, and spending time with some of my wonderful friends. Though there was some stressful situations, and some unexpected twists (like the Foil Printed books NOT turning up until 10am on the second sale day) I think Jade and I handled it all beautifully.

Will I travel to a signing event again by myself? Probably. Will I go as an assistant? ONLY if Im promised d*ck shaped chocolates as a reward (Jade Thorn, looking at YOU). Will I eventually attend one as a vendor? YES! As long as I can get an author merch store set up, and finish some more custom planners within the next 12 months.

Thank you to everyone who made my weekend spectacular. I love you all!

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