February 2023 brings some pretty advertising!

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Hello, my DAZED Beauties.

All Tier 2 Advertisements have been sent out today. The above images are examples of some of the A+ ads completed for FEB 2023.

All Tier 1 templates have been successfully revamped and re-entered into the master doc, so be sure to check it out! I have sent all active Patrons a new link to their Patreon-supplied email.

Because February was a messy month for me, with moving and all, I am leaving this month’s Advertising Requests open until the end of March 2023. Be sure to fill in the Tier 2 Advertising form for February AND March within the next few weeks if you haven’t supplied one for February already.


Stay tuned for some exciting news on the Tier 2 Inclusions – someone is adding more PRETTIES to the mix!!!!

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