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They say fate was a cruel mistress, well, they weren’t wrong. Otherwise, how would Gina be in the predicament she was in?

Damien Wallace had a classic case of survivor’s guilt. His wife had gone out late at night to get milk and a drunk driver meant she’d never come home. Unable to move on, he’d become more and more obsessed with preserving her memory until it got to the point he could barely leave the house. 

For Gina, that wasn’t an issue, helping him was what she was trained for, what she was good at. What she wasn’t ready for, was the depth of emotion he stirred in her, and for the rare moments that he returned it before his guilt kicked in again. 

Loving him was simultaneously the best and worst thing she could do. It could cost her everything, but if she could save him from himself, it would be worth it.

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eBook Cover ONLY

Wrap may be purchased separately

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