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She wasn’t perfect, she wasn’t innocent, but Trish had a code of honour that was all her own. It was what led her to approach the police in the first place. It had been a long process of secret meetings and negotiations, but now they were on the final leg of the journey.

Damon had been her handler for three years now, and together they were taking down the Moretti family. Well, at least the branch of it that had killed her brother. It was dangerous, intense and terrifying. 

WIth only each other for support, it was natural for things to go further than they should, but when all was done and dusted, what would be left? Damon would move on to a new city, a new case, but Trish? She’d be left with nothing. 

Could she really start her life again without him?

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eBook Cover ONLY

Wrap may be purchased separately

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