Pre-made Book Cover Art

This is a selection of our Premade book cover designs produced over the last few years. The beauty of a pre-made book cover is the designer scouts images, selects the effects and paints extra details that perfectly match the stock images. We make pre-made art covers to suit all genres. We then pair this art to genre specific font. This makes for a much quicker and efficient process, allowing the result to be priced far more competitively than our custom orders. 

Due to the efficient nature of a premade process, along with its competitive price, the image cannot be adjusted to match your book perfectly, like can be done with custom orders. However, if you need an affordable alternative to the custom covers,  pre-made art is your perfect match. 

We have an exclusive messenger chat on Facebook where we premiere new premeds. All of these premade covers were sold in our chat to our Facebook members. To get exclusive sales, previews, and announcements, please join our exclusive premeds sales chat by sending us a request here

to see a list of premade covers still available for sale, please visit our website store, here.

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