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Paranormal & Fantasy cover art

Fantasy & Paranormal cover art

For effective PNR & Fantasy cover art, one needs a delicate balance of edgy and classical. Book Cover Art & Illustration by DAZED designs including PNR, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Erotic Paranormal Fiction, Dystopian Fiction, Shifter & Vampire Romance, and more… 

Below you will find a portfolio of fantasy & paranormal art by DAZED designs. Be sure to check out my chat on Facebook where you will get an exclusive look at any new pieces I’m working on. I try to release all my premade covers, new artwork, and custom covers in there first.

Thinking of booking with DAZED Designs? Be sure to check out my design process so you know exactly what  we need to start your custom fantasy & paranormal cover art.

Fantasy & Paranormal cover art & illustration paranormal High Fantasy artwork

Speculative and creative, Fantasy and Paranormal manuscripts involve magical elements, alternative realities, and inspiring situations, often linked to folklore or mythology. One of the more definitive traits of fantasy and paranormal literature is the authors use of narrative elements that do not rely on nature or historical accuracy to be coherent. Therefore, fantasy & paranormal cover art must reflect this. As such, DAZED designs ensure each story is covered with magical art that reflects the characters, symbolism, and themes presented in each manuscript. Our one-on-one approach helps us to determine the innermost important elements of your writing and reflect those in your created book cover and illustration. 

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