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Since DAZED designs launched in 2018, our head designer, Tash,  has developed her style and knowledge to incorporate a range of genre-specific techniques. Therefore, DAZED Designs can offer art and illustration designs suitable for every author and every genre. 

Tash has worked with hundreds of authors, publishers, and creatives all over the world to assist them in making their brands stand out from the crowd. In conclusion, Tash is an artist you can trust to deliver quality products repeatedly. 

The following is a catalog of her cover art & illustration.  If you like what you see, contact DAZED Designs today for an obligation-free quote.

Fantasy & Paranormal cover art & illustration paranormal High Fantasy artwork
Paranormal, Fantasy, Vampires, Shifters and more…

Speculative and creative, Fantasy and Paranormal manuscripts involve magical elements, alternative realities, and inspiring situations, often linked to folklore or mythology. One of the more definitive traits of fantasy and paranormal literature is the authors use of narrative elements that do not rely on nature or historical accuracy to be coherent. Therefore, book cover art and illustration for fantasy and paranormal books must reflect this. As such, DAZED designs ensure each story is covered with magical art that reflects the characters, symbolism, and themes presented in each manuscript. Our one-on-one approach helps us to determine the innermost important elements of your writing and reflect those in your created book cover and illustration. 

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From Rom-Coms to Dark Romances and all Modern Fiction in between, DAZED designs has you covered.

Book cover art & illustration that fall within the contemporary fiction genre can be abstract, photorealistic, or artistic in nature. Fiction manuscripts with a focus on modern experiences and settings are contemporary. The story often shows readers what it would be like to walk in someone else’s shoes. The covers often represent the character’s appearance. Sometimes, the art gives an abstract description of the overall tone of the manuscript by using objects and textures. The Style greatly depends on the story content, so be sure to provide us with as much information as possible when filling in our Cover Design Brief.

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Custom art for Brooklyn Cross

Aliens, Monsters, CyberPunk, Space Operas, and horror – Welcome to the world of speculative science fiction.

Book Cover Art & Illustration for Science fiction produces some of the most creative artwork in the publishing world. Sci-fi novels take readers on adventures from new galaxies to alien environments and everywhere in between while introducing readers to preternatural and otherworldly characters and technologies. for science fiction art, the possibilities are endless. This is probably my favorite art to create, and I feel like I have produced some of my best work within this genre. If you book with us today, DAZED Designs cover art & illustration will exceed your expectations.

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Do you prefer to see a finished product before deciding on the art to cover your book?

No matter who does your cover, an artist’s interpretation is always abstract and sometimes wires can be crossed in translation between needs and results. The beauty of the custom cover is that you, as the author get an original cover that matches your manuscript down to the finest detail. However, this can sometimes be an issue for those of us who are visual describers vs verbal ones. All custom-made book cover art is produced with a small risk. What if, no matter how descriptive you try to be, you don’t like the final result? With DAZED Designs, the chance of this happening is slim to none, as we have an extensive design brief before our appointment, and our designer, Tash, works in real-time with each author, sending regular progress shots throughout. However, if you still have anxiety over the involved design process, or you don’t have the funds for an exclusively made custom cover, DAZED Designs has you covered.

Tash designs new pre-made book cover art every month. Fresh content that follows trends, matches genres perfectly and can be altered to meet your manuscript’s requirements. The beauty of a pre-made book cover is that Tash does most of the work for you. She scouts the stock images so you don’t have to. Then, after looking at the overall aesthetic of the image, selects the perfect effects, and paints extra details to perfectly match both the genre and the photo. She makes pre-made art covers to suit all genres, then pairs this art to genre-specific font, making this a much quicker and more efficient process, allowing the result to be priced far more competitively than our custom orders. 

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A+ Author content – $19
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Photoshop Files start at $500 per cover

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