DAZED designs book cover art. Simply beautiful art for indie authors and publishers alike. Book covers, Marketing, Formatting, and more.


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We combine Design, Art, and Marketing to produce beautiful designs for your brand

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Specializing in both Contemporary and Fantasy based art for covers of all genres, DAZED designs book covers won’t disappoint. Using photorealistic manipulation, illustration, 3d render manipulation, and overpainting techniques, each cover is individually designed to meet your book cover needs.


Above all, DAZED designs values providing quality books covers for exceptionally reasonable prices. Starting from just $169, DAZED makes covers affordable for every budget. Click to book your next custom cover appointment.

Do you need fresh art for your brand? That is to say, are you wanting to stand out among the thousands of other authors online?

In addition to book covers that stand out, DAZED specializes in minimalistic, hand-designed logo and branding packages to suit all promotional needs and price ranges.


DAZED has packages starting from $109, therefore making professional branding affordable. Click to book your a custom branding appointment.

Do you need your product to stand out from the crowd? In order to meet the demands of social media platforms and their everchanging online trends, DAZED provides authors with cutting edge marketing products designed specifically to help your product stand out.


With packages starting at $25, DAZED provides affordable advertising, digital swag, and cinematic teaser trailers to help promote your product with style.  Click to get yours today.

Does your fantasy world needs a map, or your sci-fi saga a blueprint of your perfect ship? DAZED can help you reach your author goals. in order to help you and your book stand out, DAZED creates original artwork which can be printed commercially. 


Including but not limited to Blueprints, Fantasy Maps, Site Maps, and tattoos, DAZED creations are guaranteed to make your product stand out. 


From $69/hour DAZED provides original art ready for your manuscript, swag, or your digital store. Click to send an enquiry form now. A standard commission takes approximately 3 hours.

DAZED designs – simply beautiful art for indie authors & publishers